Advices to organise your project

Grow your activity, go global, and boost conversions in other countries by connecting with your audience.

The business point of view

Building a project is challenging, especially in an artistic field and Business side should not be overlooked.

Any project must be developed as a business with its customers.

The role of a consultant is to analyze your plans and explain carefully, in an understandable way, what you need to do to communicate about your passion.

No specific technical dialect, but a simple overall approach to help you visualize your project in a more precise direction, marketing principles in mind.

Comprehensive consulting

No specific dialect. A simple overall approach to help you visualize your project.

Vincent's knowledge has been acquired by doing.
Take advantage of a strong e-commerce experience.

Get in touch

Get an external point of view about your activity, your future project.

A constructive consulting collaboration to develop your ideas.

Reach your audience
with social media

How to use social media effectively

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or also Tumblr are essential to present your work, your activity, to your audience.
But their use is a complex task.

Be careful, using bots is a practice to ban. Communication via social media must be done carefully, authentically and consistently.

It will take time, but it's worth working to establish a good relationship with your audience.

Marketing your Art Business.

Artists, designers, photographers,... Anyone beginning to sell their creativity is an entrepreneur.
Let's analyze your target and explain some marketing principles for your business.


Content writing



E-Business strategy

More than Consulting
A Partnership.

We are available to work on some projects, to provide strategic advice to give you a broader business vision that will help you visualize your work as a brand.

Not just common words.
But a true partnership at your side, with a right point of view.

Do you have a project?