A website is essential to promote your work.

This is the heart of your communication.

Showcasing artwork, sharing ideas, promoting your activity, selling goods,...
It's more than web-design and it must be done carefully.

We will craft your website
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  • Epsilon Creation Portfolio
  • Epilon Creation Photographer website
  • Artist book showcase
  • ecommerce boutique website
Webdesign for artist

We build websites.

The purpose of a website is to centralize and display information about your work.

It's your main link to promote yourself in all your mailings.

A proper design is essential to attract attention, while the technology used is fundamental to ensure a fast and secure display.

Web A beautiful website is the result of a perfect work in its branding, design and coding parts.
  • Webdesign Website

A website that correspond to your needs

Your work and your ideas are unique.
So why your website would not be?

Photographer, artist, model, ..., each project is different.

Visual identity

The first point is to know more precisely your work, to then define what type of website would be most useful for your needs.

Design and Branding

With a precise idea about yourself, we prepare what would be your visual identity, your branding, with a domain name, a color scheme, a logo, and a set of typography.


We build and configure your website using the right platform for your needs, implementing a SSL, while configuring its optimisation and security.

Epsilon Creation web project development

Web development.

Besides the design itself, the structure and the code of your website is essential, from the configuration of the domain name to an attentive detail at the security of your site.

Wordpress and CMS

Your website can be built in HTML pages, or CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify,... depending what's the best for your use.


With the right domain name, and good SEO practices, your website will be optimised for Search Engines (well, Google).

Beautifully responsive

Every content parts will be carefully coded to look perfect on all devices, from a desktop, a tablet down to a small mobile.

What's your project?
  • Website creator artist

Different person, different websites.

A website will have specific uses. Before building any website, we will establish what's the purpose of your website.

  • landing page to promote one service
  • portfolio to showcase your work
  • blog to share ideas
  • e-boutique to sell goods
Contact us to define your needs

What can we do for you?


A portfolio to showcase your photo work to your future clients.


Your personal book, a design that correspond to you work, and a secure contact form.


A website presenting your story, your universe, and a gallery to showcase your main artworks.


A beautiful website crafted around your music and your personality.

Interior designer

A presentation of your design, maybe with an e-boutique to sell your products.

With our advices

Take the most of social media and develop your business on the web.

Are you an artist, a model, a photographer?
Let's create your digital portfolio together.